Flight Microwave produces space qualified passive units from UHF through 75 GHz. Our focus is on microwave filters but our products include most passive units found in typical payloads and some unique units custom built to address some not so typical situations. Our Scientists, Engineers and Technicians draw on decades of experience to produce superior products necessary for a successful payload.

New developments

Improved K/Ka Band Omux channel

  • Ultra High Qu Filters
  • WR51 ports
  • High Power
  • 18 to 20 GHz
  • Lower mass than traditional Multiplexers
  • On-Orbit Heritage
  • Temperature Stable RF performance

Ka Band High power circulator

  • No organics for best high power performance
  • Power tested to 200W into short
  • Low loss ~ .12 dB-comparable to split ferrite circulator loss

Ka Band Imux channel

  • 10,2,4 filter order
  • Dielectric resonator
  • Qu ~ 7500
  • Readily available resonators
  • Hybrid resonator mode
  • Waveguide circulator for best off channel loss